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Prototyping Hat for Raspberry Pi Prototyping Hat for Raspberry Pi XC9040 15.95 In stock

Prototyping Hat for Raspberry Pi

CAT.NO: XC9040

Prototyping Hat for Raspberry Pi

CAT.NO: XC9040

Includes screw terminals and solder points for the GPIO pins.
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Raspberry Pi Compatible

This prototyping hat for Raspberry Pi has a main area with gold plated holes that are spaced at the standard 2.54mm, making this ideal for use with DIP packaged ICs or sensors. Around the side of the board are 0.1” header strips and screw down terminals that tap into the GPIO, power and other interfaces for temporary (but robust) connection of components or wiring that can be easily removed. It also has a large prototyping area for PTH and SMD components.


- Screw Terminals
- Header connections
- Gold plated holes
- 2.54mm spacing of holes
- 26 pin GPIO
- SOIC Breakout
- Large prototyping area for PTH/SMD components

Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation

Product Dimensions

Length 56mm
Width 85mm
Warranty: 12 Months
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