Catch Some Rays

Do you long for electricity in the shed, but running mains power is more of a hassle than it's worth? Solar might be the solution.

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Beam Me Up

Thrash your pay TV for all it's worth by wirelessly transmitting the source signal from your living room.

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Remote Viewing

Install a camera you can control from your phone for a much more reliable way of checking up on your place than the CIA’s alleged telepathy experiments.

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Handsome Prints

There is so much more you can create with a 3D printer than just weird geometric trinkets and parts for artificial limbs.

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Safe as Houses

Find out why NVR (network video recording) is the new gold standard in security systems.

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The Wheel Thing

Rolling robots are the perfect entry point for anyone wanting to learn about coding Arduino, programming or robotics - children and adults alike!

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Safe Soldering for Children

You don't need a lab coat when it's time to introduce a new generation to electronics.

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Pin Removal

Learn the best way to remove soldered header pins that are messing with your game plan.

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Survive Off the Grid

Nothing shocks you like a blackout: we often don't realise how much we take mains power for granted until it's suddenly unavailable.

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Bring Your Home to Life

You don't have to be Tony Stark to have a place that obeys your every whim: 5 ways to include IoT in your home.

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How to Set Up a Smart Plug

Stephen Fenech from Tech Guide shows us how easy it is to set up a Smart Plug.

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We have opened our first concept store...

The new Jaycar flagship store is open and it is unlike any other Jaycar store you have ever seen.

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This is it... A look into our flagship store and maker hub

A traditional retail store with modern collaborative maker spaces dedicated to the electronics enthusiast. It's Jaycar like you've never seen us before. Come check it out!

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Unboxing - Concord Security

Stephen Fenech from Tech Guide walks through our new range of Concord of security camera systems.

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Our Top 5 Bluetooth Speakers for 2019

Stephen Fenech from Tech Guide counts down our Top 5 Bluetooth portable speakers.

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Bluetooth Speaker Range

Stephen Fenech from Tech Guide walks through the features of our new range of Bluetooth portable speakers.

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How to Set Up a Portable Solar-Recharged Battery System

Join Sam as he guides you through setting up a portable solar system.

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How to Install a Dual Battery Setup

Join Sam as he guides you through setting up a second or dual battery setup in your car or 4WD.

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How to Install a House Battery

Join Sam as he guides you through setting up a house battery setup in your car or 4WD.

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Downloadable Guides

Here you will find extensive primers* and valuable application notes on many subjects.

Ammeters and shunts
Primer-Ammeters & Shunts-Jaycar.pdf


Batteries - lead acid

Batteries - lithium rechargeable

Car amps






Indoor TV antennas


Primary cells and batteries

Speaker crossovers

TV broadcasting in Australia
Primer-TV Broadcasting in Australia-Jaycar.pdf

Video camera basics

Deutsch plug connection guide

Breadboard breakdown

*Primer n. any small book of basic instruction.

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