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Wi-Fi Wireless Station with 7" LCD Display Wi-Fi Wireless Station with 7" LCD Display XC0422 499.00 In stock

Wi-Fi Wireless Station with 7" LCD Display

CAT.NO: XC0422

A professional wireless station with Weather Underground support
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This system is identical to our XC-0369 but with the important ability to upload directly to Weather Underground. Once this weather station is registered with Wunderground, you will be able to monitor its readings from anywhere using the freely available mobile apps. You will also receive a personalised 14-day Front Door Forecast for the precise location where you place this weather station, and even get alerts via SMS or email. It's capable of displaying temperature, wind speed, wind direction, wind chill, barometric pressure, and dew point. The interface is beautifully designed and features attractive weather symbols to indicate atmospheric status.

• Wi-Fi Access
• Upload weather data to wunderground.com automatically.
• Alarm clock
• Display night switch
• Includes 38MB Built-in memory
• Records of all minimum and maximum values with time/date of recordings
• Recording interval: 1 to 240 mins (tabulated and graphic with zoom)
• Up to 100m line of sight wireless transmission range
• Uses microSD Card memory (not included) for backup (can accept any capacity MicroSD card)

• Outdoor/indoor temperature: -40°C - 60°C / -40°F - 140°F
• Outdoor/indoor humidity: 1%- 99%
• Wind speed: 0-50m/s / 0-100mph -(km/h, knot, mph, bft, ft/s, m/s)
• Wind gust: km/h, knot, mph, bft, ft/s, m/s
• Wind direction: Degrees, cardinal directions
• Wind chill: Yes C° / F°
• Dew point: Yes C° / F°
• Rain gauge: 0-9999mm, inch (Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
• Rain rate: mm/hr, in/hr
• Weather forecast symbols: Sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy, storm
• Barometric pressure:300-1100hPA / 8.85-32.5inHg) hpa, in Hg, mm Hg (Absolute, Relative)
• UV index: uW/cm2
• Solar radiation (lux) meter: 0-400k Lux (W/mm2, lux, fc)
• Time and date display (HH:MM:SS)
• Mounting hardware: Pole, U bolts, clamps, nuts
• Level indicator: Bubble
• Display unit dimensions 195(W) x 138(H) x 20(D)mm

Item Width 195mm
Item Height 138mm
Item depth 20mm
Sensor Battery Size AA
Sensor Battery Quantity 3pc
Wind Chill
Touch Screen
Storm Warning
Weather Station Style Weather Station
Sensor Battery Type Alkaline
Dew Point
Sensor Type Remote wireless sensor
Additional Sensor Channels 1ch
Measures in Celcius
Outdoor Temperature Range Fahrenheit -40°F-140°F
Measures in Fahrenheit
Measures in Kelvin
Thermometer Resolution 0.1°C
Outdoor Temperature Range Celcius -40°C-60°C
Celcius Temperature Accuracy 5%
Absolute Humidity
Relative Humidity
Measures Wind Direction
Displays speed in km/h
Displays speed in knots
Wind Speed Range 0km/h
Maximum Rainfall Reading 9999mm
Sensor Type Rocker Collector (Continuous Flow)
Automatic Daily Reset
Manual Reset
Sample Time 16sec
Data Storage Internal
Data Storage External
Data Transfer
Data Hold
Relative Measure
Records Minimum
Records Maximum
Pressure Range 300kPa
Calibration Function
Display Type LED
Display Backlight LED Backlit
Display Height 90mm
Display Width 155mm
Packaged Volume 29.711l
Packaged Weight 3.75kg
Packaged Length 44cm
Packaged Width 18.5cm
Packaged Height 36.5cm
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