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Water Powered Vehicle Kit Water Powered Vehicle Kit KJ8913 16.37

Water Powered Vehicle Kit

CAT.NO: KJ8913

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Build up to 13 different water powered vehicles and watch them move! This kit demonstrates two different ways of powering vehicles with water, a pump based water recycling system and ones using a simple water jet. The former uses a pump and water tank to create a hydro pneumatic system where water pressure creates energy to move a gear. The water jet simply uses a build up and release of pressure to propel the vehicle forward. A full illustrated 48 page instruction manual is included.

Hydro pneumatic vehicles: Car, antique car, locator car, excavator, truck
Water jet engine: Fork lift, propeller plane, vintage car, helicopter, dragster, rescue vehicle, excavator, scooter
Assembly time per vehicle: Approximately 30 minutes.
Recommended for ages 8+
Dimensions: 370(W) x 290(H) x 80(D)mm

Packaged Volume 8.6432L,8.6432l
Packaged Weight 1.466666667kg
Packaged Length 37cm
Packaged Width 29.2cm
Packaged Height 8cm
Warranty: 3 Months