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Video Robot Kit with pcDuino XC4360 349.00 In stock
Video Robot Kit with pcDuino

Video Robot Kit with pcDuino

CAT.NO: XC4360

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A great starting point and foundation for robot building. This Mars Rover-esque surveillance robot is powered by the versatile pcDuino and can be driven and controlled over Wi-Fi. The kit contains all the essentials including webcam, motors, wheels and etc, but that is only the beginning, the true potential of the powerful pcDuino lies within its compatibility with hundreds of Arduino shields, sensors and modules (see our website for a full list). So really, what you can turn this robot into is only bounded by your imagination!

Kit includes:

1 × pcDuino3B
1 × Mini Webcam for Robot Video Real Time Video Stream V2.0
1 × Motor Shield
1 × Acrylic Frame Robot Platform 
1 × Wall Power Adaptor (5V 2A)
1 × Micro USB cable
1 × 4 port USB hub
1 × HDMI cable
1 × Acrylic Clear Enclosure for pcDuino3 Universal Edition 
10× 2.54mm to 2.0mm Jumper Wire