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Useless Box Useless Box GT3706 34.95 In stock

Useless Box

CAT.NO: GT3706

Useless Box

CAT.NO: GT3706

A completely useless box.
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One mystical black box with a single toggle switch. Every time you flip the switch, a little finger pops out from the box and turns itself off. No one on this planet has yet figured out a use for this, hence the name ‘Useless Box’. There is one thing however that we did notice, this magical box leaves anyone who comes into contact with a mesmerised smile on their face.

Product Dimensions

Width 80mm
Height 140mm
Depth 75mm
Power from disposable battery - Additional

Battery type AA
Battery Pack Quantity 2pc
Battery used for Main Product
Batteries can be replaced
Practical Joke Toy

Does it do anything? No
Completely useless?
Toys and Games

Age group 15+ years