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Protech Uno with Wi-Fi Uno with Wi-Fi XC4411 39.95 In stock

Uno with Wi-Fi

CAT.NO: XC4411

Uno with Wi-Fi

CAT.NO: XC4411

An Arduino®-Compatible + WiFi Dual board that includes a traditional Arduino® style chip + layout as well as an ESP8266 chip to connect your projects to the cloud.
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Arduino Compatible
Wi-Fi Compatible

An Arduino®-Compatible UNO board with an integrated ESP8266 board, which makes it easy to connect your projects to the cloud without the need for additional modules. Features the ATmega328P and standard UNO layout, and includes a set of DIPswitches to configure the serial connections.

Uses a Micro USB lead for connecting to the computer and includes a set of dip-switches to configure the serial connections; You can read more about it in the manual.

Please note: you must upload code to both processors then configure the switches for them to talk to each other

Arduino Boards

Microcontroller ATMega328 + ESP8266
Fully arduino compatible
External port details

External port type USB Micro Type B
USB Connectivity

USB Port Types USB Micro Type B
Number of USB ports 1 ports
Product Dimensions

Length 65mm
Width 50mm
Height 15mm
Weight 25g
Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)

Supported Wi-Fi Modes 802.11n,802.11g,802.11b
Wireless Transmission

Transmission frequency 2.4GHz
Receiver Antenna Style Internal Antenna
Transmission range 100m
Transmission power 10mW
Transmitter Antenna Style Internal Antenna
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