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Theremin Synthesiser Kit Theremin Synthesiser Kit KC5295 8.05

Theremin Synthesiser Kit

CAT.NO: KC5295

  • Theremin Synthesiser Kit
Theremin Synthesiser Kit

Theremin Synthesiser Kit

CAT.NO: KC5295

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Ref: SC August 2000.

As used in the Beach Boys classic hit Good Vibrations

Create your own weird science fiction sounds with this modern implementation of an old idea. The Theremin synthesiser produces those familiar science fiction movie sound effects when you move your hand between a metal plate and antenna. The unit has an amazing range from piecing shrieks to low end growling sounds. The Theremin, named after its inventor Leon Theremin, is a musical instrument that uses electronic circuits to produce audible sounds, having the unusual aspect of being controlled by the player's hand movements near the two antennas, without touching the instrument.

How does it work?

As the player moves his hands, the value of capacitance between his hand and the theremin's antennas vary, changing current in the circuit, which in turn controls the sound signal that goes to the amplifier and speaker. One hand is use to control the Theremin's pitch, and the other is used to control the volume.

The built-in loudspeaker is ideal for practice sessions and the music output is via RCA socket for connection to an amplifier, recording equipment, home stereo, or PC sound card. The completed instrument puts out a pure sine wave tone that is suitable for all types of music. Musician shops sell Theremins for several hundred dollars so assembling your own from a professionally designed kit is the only way of getting one for a reasonable price. The kit is easy to assemble and includes a PCB with solder mask and overlay, machined case, screen print lid, metal plate, antenna, speaker and all electronic components. 9-12VDC @ 300mA Linear Power Supply or Battery required.

Warranty: 3 Months
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