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STEM Overview

You might have heard of the term "STEM" as a new abbreviation for Science, Technology, Electronics and Mathematics. Some also refer to "STEAM" (including Art). While STEM is a new term, educational products have always been close to what we know and love at Jaycar Electronics for many years. You might recognise products such as the Short Circuits kits, that have been teaching young and old for over twenty years.

STEM learning has never been easier with Jaycar. Choose from the wide range of learning products in each and every part of the STEM learning journey. Jaycar has a fantastic range of STEM related products for kids as young as 6. From learning the basic fundamentals of electronics, how to solder, build a robot, to programming an Arduino micro with C++.

It is hard to imagine a world without electronic devices, such as your phone or HiFi. Now you can design and build your own electronics creation and learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at the same time. What's great about Electronics is that it reaches all parts of the STEM spectrum, and it also encourages critical thinking and problem solving. With the Jaycar Electronics projects for STEM you can start at any level and work your way up to become an expert, at your own pace.

View Our STEM Electronics Range
STEM Electronics Range
Robots provide a tangible link to the real world, you might not even notice it, but we are surrounded by robots. Anything that performs some action under the control of a computer might be called a robot, so everything from self-driving-cars to toy drones or even 3D printers can be considered a robot. As you can imagine, the prevalence of robots is only going to increase, and of course, so will jobs relating to robots.

Learning about robots is to understand how machines work and behave in a logical way. Robots provide a tangible link to the real world, allowing engineering and science to be applied in practice.

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STEM Robotics Range
Telling a machine to do what you want it to do is the first step to programming, sometimes also referred to as coding. Just like there are different languages in the human world, there are also different languages in the computer machine world, including Arduino, Scratch, C++ and Java. You don't need to worry about these languages because Jaycar makes programming easy with entry level drag-and-drop visual programming tools that anyone can use, right up to the expert Arduino C++ coding for the advanced users.

Having an understand of coding allows us the lateral thought to process information in different ways. In addition, Coding adds an extra dimension when combined with electronics and robotics. Don't feel left out if you are just starting out with the drag-and–drop scratch programming, because using these tools you can still make really cool stuff that talk and walk! But Coding doesn't have to mean sitting down in front of a screen full of indecipherable symbols. These days, Coding is as simple as clicking some icons in an app or even scanning a barcode. Thanks to products like Arduino, Coding has become more and more accessible, but is by no means limited in what it can accomplish.

View Our STEM Coding Range
STEM Coding Range
3D Printing
3D printing is changing the way we produce things. Instead of buying a physical item from a store or having a professional manufacturer make a prototype of your idea, you can now print it in your home, office, workshop, etc. There's no tooling necessary which opens up a world of opportunity to the designer - or everyday joe just wanting to make cool stuff. There's also an element of self-sufficiency and novelty: the notion that you not only sourced an item locally, but made it yourself! If you're not a designer, there's a number of 3D printing libraries online where you can download free CAD drawings which you can print, and at the same time interact with other fans on tips and processes. 3D printing is a fun, exciting and quickly evolving world.

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STEM 3D Printing Range

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