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Speed Control Kit for Induction Motors Speed Control Kit for Induction Motors KC5509 127.48

Speed Control Kit for Induction Motors

CAT.NO: KC5509

Refer: Silicon Chip Magazine April/May 2012 (Revisions SC Aug 2013)Control induction motors* up to 1.5kW (2HP) to run machinery at different spee...
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Refer: Silicon Chip Magazine April/May 2012 (Revisions SC Aug 2013)

Control induction motors* up to 1.5kW (2HP) to run machinery at different speeds or controlling a pool pump to save money. Also works with 3-phase motors. Full form kit includes case, double-sided silk-screened PCB, heatsink, cooling fan, hardware and electronics (including parts from revised article in August 2013).


Controls single-phase or 3-phase induction motors
Runs from a single-phase 230VAC, 10A power point
Over-current, over-temperature, under-voltage, over-voltage and short-circuit protection
EMI (electromagnetic interference) filtering for reduced radio interference
Inrush current limiting
Isolated control circuitry for safety
Mounted in an IP65 sealed enclosure
Adjustable speed ramp up/down
Pool pump mode
Can run 3-phase motors in either direction
Optional external speed control pot with run, reverse and emergency stop switches
Motor run/ramping and reverse indicator LEDs
Fault indicator LED
Open collector output provides either fault or up-to-speed indication


Motor power: up to 1.5kW (2 horsepower)
Maximum output voltage (single or 3-phase motor): ~230V RMS
Continuous output current: 8.5A RMS (single-phase), 5A RMS (3-phase)
Short term overload current: 13A RMS (single-phase), 7.5A RMS (3-phase)
Switching frequency: 16kHZ * Quiescent power: 28W
Speed ramp period adjustment: 3-30s to full speed
Continuous input current: up to 8.7A RMS
Speed control range: 1-100% or 1-150% (0.5Hz or 75Hz) in 0.05Hz steps
Efficiency: Up to 96%
Speed control signal: 0-3.3V
Up-to-speed/fault output sink: 12V/200mA


This is an advanced project for an experienced constructor
*Project does not work for motors with centrifugal switch

More information:

More information can be found on the Silicon Chip website. The article can be dowloaded for a small fee. http://www.siliconchip.com.au/Issue/2012/April/1.5kW+Induction+Motor+Speed+Controller%2C+Pt.1

Kit Form Full Form (circuit and enclosure)
Kit Group General Projects
Difficulty Complex
Application Field Speed Control Kit for Induction Motors
Estimated Construction Time 4hr
Tools required Flat Head Screwdriver,Soldering Iron
AC_Max_Current 10A
AC Voltage 230V
Packaged Volume 6.5L,6.5l
Packaged Weight 1kg
Packaged Length 25cm
Packaged Width 20cm
Packaged Height 13cm
Warranty: 3 Months