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Smart Powerboard with Energy Meter Smart Powerboard with Energy Meter MS6152 16.36

Smart Powerboard with Energy Meter

CAT.NO: MS6152

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This 6 way powerboard is perfect for saving on standby power consumption. As you know, many devices have a standby power usage even when turned off, which can only be eliminated by turning the device off at the power point. There is one outlet that is always on. A second outlet is the smart outlet, and the remaining four outlets are the green outlets. When the device plugged into the smart outlet is switched off, the smart powerboard will kill power to the four green outlets, eliminating their standby power usage. This is perfect for a home theatre system, home office or computer. Coupled to this, the powerboard also features an energy meter that tells you the energy consumption of the devices plugged into the smart powerboard; in watts, cents per hour or CO2 kg per hour. Display is for both cumulative and time elapsed. Also features surge protection, overload, spike and noise filtering. Settings and data saved during power failure.

• Power consumption: 1W
• Max current 30,000A, 1050 joules
• EMI power filter
• Max continuous load 10A, 2400W resistive.
• Power cord 900mm long
• Measures 385(L) x 60(W) x 30(D)mm

Packaged Volume 2.6325L,2.6325l
Packaged Weight 0.733333333kg
Packaged Length 45cm
Packaged Width 13cm
Packaged Height 4.5cm
Warranty: 12 Months