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Short Circuits Book Short Circuits Book BJ8502 9.95 In stock

Short Circuits Book

CAT.NO: BJ8502

Our first book in the series uses a learning system designed around a baseboard, which you use to mount their projects.All components are connected to...
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Our first book in the series uses a learning system designed around a baseboard, which you use to mount their projects.

All components are connected together by our exclusive spring terminals. They are extremely easy to use, and don't even require a screwdriver. At the back of the book is a paper template for each project, which attaches to the baseboard. The springs are then inserted into the baseboard according to the locations shown on the template.

The template then shows EXACTLY where each component goes, making project success almost a certainty. The projects are fun to build and, more importantly, are very relevant to today's electronics. Each of the 20+ projects is powered from batteries and requires absolutely no soldering, maing this learning system safe for ages 8+

• Soft Cover 96 pages
• 295 x 275mm

This full colour 96 page book, which measures 205mm x 275mm is lavishly illustrated with over 100 drawings and diagrams. Each project features components which are state of the art. The projects are fun to build but, perhaps more importantly, are relevant to the electronics scene in the new millennium.
It is a great read in itself and far superior to cheap alternatives.

Some of the exciting projects that you can build from this book include:
Short circuit tester
Magic Eye light alarm
Police siren
Electronic organ
Sound effects unit
Light chaser
Solar powered radio
3 types of transistor amplifiers
Computer type circuits
And many many more


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Physical structure Bound back soft cover
Title Short Circuits Volume 1 Second Edition
Subject General Electronics,Education
Specific Topic(s) Short Circuits
Page count 96Pages
Knowledge Level Beginner
Product Length 275mm
Product Width 205mm
Warranty: 3 Months