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Short Circuits 1 Book and Project Kit Short Circuits 1 Book and Project Kit KJ8502 44.95 In stock

Short Circuits 1 Book and Project Kit

CAT.NO: KJ8502

Short Circuits 1 Book and Project Kit

CAT.NO: KJ8502

A perfect gift for kids, and a great way to teach them about electronics.This kit includes the book AND electronics learning system.
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Assembly Required

Apart from the book, you get the baseboard, plenty of spring terminals and ALL the components required to build every project in the book, INCLUDING the bonus projects!

Some of the exciting projects that you can build from this book include:
Short circuit tester
Magic Eye light alarm
Police siren
Electronic organ
Sound effects unit
Light chaser
Solar powered radio
3 types of transistor amplifiers
Computer type circuits
And many many more

- Optional Solar Cell Power Supply for project #16 is extra
Cat. ZM-9020 (batteries are also extra).

Additional Hookup wire can be purchased. (WH-3025)


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Assembly required

Instructions Included
Contains High Voltage Components
Kit Group Short Circuit Series
Application Field Short Circuits Book and Project
Device Contact Switch
Additional optional items Solar Cell
Short Circuits Kit Series

Volume Number Volume 1
Book Details

Physical structure Bound back soft cover
Page count 96 pages
Title Short Circuits Book and Project
Subject General Electronics,Education
Specific Topic(s) Short Circuits
Product Dimensions

Width 205mm
Height 275mm
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