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Remote Power Packages - 2.5kWh/day System with 1.5kW Solar Remote Power Packages - 2.5kWh/day System with 1.5kW Solar MP9007 17,890.00

Remote Power Packages - 2.5kWh/day System with 1.5kW Solar

CAT.NO: MP9007

Remote Power Packages - 2.5kWh/day System with 1.5kW Solar

CAT.NO: MP9007

NOTE: This product is discontinued. Please see our replacement MP9004
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For those living in locations where mains electricity isn't available, or is prohibitively expensive to have connected, a remote power system is the best solution to household power needs. Be it your home, your weekend getaway or maybe even the workshop way down the back paddock, Jaycar Electronics has the gear to get you powered up to enjoy some creature comforts. We've been selling solar panels, wind turbines, DC to AC inverters and deep cycle batteries for years, so you can be sure that the product we supply will stand the test of time. Whilst remote power systems are an investment, there are government incentives and rebates available that may support your purchase, Check with your relevant state and local authorities on what rebates are available and whether they apply to your particular application/installation. For most installations, the Solar Credits Scheme would apply.
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Renewable energy is provided in the form of sunlight, which is collected by the solar panels and converted into DC electricity.

This DC electricity is fed through a solar charge controller to charge a deep cycle battery bank.

DC power stored in the batteries is converted into 240VAC power through an inverter, which is suitable for running most normal household appliances,

Some suitable DC appliances can be powered directly from the battery bank, with an option for load control.

A 240V generator can be incorporated into the system to provide auxiliary power to charge the batteries and power the 240VAC appliances.

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Cat No. Description QTY
ZM9099 Powertech 175W-24V solar panels 9
MI5253 24V 3000W SuperCombi 1
MP3728 SunStar 60A solar regulator 1
SB1802 12V-1350Ah Powerstack Battery 2
MI5278 Battery temp sensor 1
WI5250 Combi data lead 1
PS5110 MC4 2M-1F joiners 6
PS5112 MC4 2F-1M joiners 6
WH3121 4mm2 solar cable, 100m/roll 1
PS5100 MC4 Fem connector 6
PP5102 MC4 Male connector 6
TH1950 Supercrimp tool 1
TH1959 PV crimp die 1


Warranty: 3 Months