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Puppy Go AI Smart Dog Puppy Go AI Smart Dog KR9234 169.00 In stock

Puppy Go AI Smart Dog

CAT.NO: KR9234

Puppy Go AI Smart Dog

CAT.NO: KR9234

A Smart Robot Dog that is over 300mm long, rechargeable and has many bionic parts for life-like actions.
• Voice Commands
• Music and Sound Effects
• Dances to the Music
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Meet your child’s newest best friend named Puppy Go, who is eagerly awaiting to play, entertain, sing, teach, bark, wag its tail and show off its tricks. Puppy Go is over 300mm long, rechargeable and has many bionic parts for life-like actions. Control actions and behaviours by using voice commands such as “Roll over” or “go to sleep”, by touching parts of its body, or by using an app on your Android or iOS Smartphone, A built-in speaker provides music and sound effects, and also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker to play your child’s favourite music. You may even see Puppy go dance to the music. Many stunts are pre-programmed in the app or your child can code their own - it may be their first ever program! Just like a real pet, Puppy Go can be adopted and raised from puppy to an adult dog by providing virtual feed every day, etc. A USB cable is supplied in order to feed Puppy Go some puppy power from an available USB port. Recommended for ages 8+.

• Voice commands interaction
• Touch sensor interaction
• Can be used as Bluetooth Speaker
• Programming
• Controllable up to 10m away

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Product Dimensions

Length 320mm
Width 220mm
Height 220mm
Weight 1.3kg
Power from rechargeable battery

Run time 45hr
USB rechargeable
Shape Lithium Rechargeable Battery Cell/Pack
Voltage 3.7V
Batteries included
USB recharge time 90hr
Capacity 500mAh
Type Lithium Polymer
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