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Pressboard Insulation Material Pressboard Insulation Material HG9985 4.95 In stock

Pressboard Insulation Material

CAT.NO: HG9985

Pressed insulation board similar to Presspahn Elephantide®
Ideal for insulating mains equipment within an enclosure
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Similar to Presspahn Elephatnide®, this product is a heavily pressed craft-type board which is used as an insulator in mains products. It can be scored, folded, and formed into many shapes, particularly into boxes or partitions to isolate mains circuits from fingers. It has good abrasion resistance and is often used in areas where chafing from vibration can occur.

• Thermal Rating: 150°C
• Dielectric Strength: 12kV/mm
• Sheet Thicknes: 0.8mm
• Sheet Dimensions: 225(L) x 208(W)mm 

Product Length 225mm
Product Width 208mm
Warranty: 3 Months