3 simple machines you can make with an electric motor

An electric motor is one of the easiest ways to start off in the world of electronics. Here’s how.

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The 5 best car accessories

Our top 5 automotive accessories for your next road trip.

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OBDs explained

An OBD device can give you valuable insights into how your car is running.

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How to install a dashcam

Dashcams can record car accidents, warn you when a collision is imminent and use motion sensors to detect when someone engages in ‘touch parking’ at a car park. Or you can record an adventure when you go off-road.

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Make an alarm for your cubby house

Making a burglar alarm for a cubby house is a great way for your kids to learn about electric circuits and switches.

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The 4 best security systems

Our top security systems to protect your family, valuables, home or office.

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Expert infrared insights

Infrared image capture is critical if you want your security camera to see in the dark.

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How to install a security camera

Setting up a security camera is easier than you think.

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Light up your LEGO®

LEGO® is awesome, but you can make it even more fun by adding some lights to brighten up your creations.

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4 LEDs to brighten up your life

4 fun ways to jazz up your space with this versatile lighting technology.

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Common lighting solutions explained

Trying to choose the right light for different spaces can be challenging. But knowing the ideal light source for your situation can help make your home or office more comfortable and inviting, while also reducing eye strain.

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How to set up a smart bulb

One of the best ways to begin your smart home journey is with smart lighting. Here's how.

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How to make a potato clock

Making a potato clock is a great way to discover the energy that's hiding in plain sight – and also ensure your kids are never late for school again!

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Best ways to power up your USB devices

Here are some of our top gadgets to help keep your phone, tablet and other USB charged devices at 100% at all times.

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Power 101: electrical circuit essentials

When you launch into your first electronics project, you'll be faced with lots of terms. We guide you through what you'll need to make a start with electronics projects.

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How to choose the right UPS

Choosing the right UPS for your home or office will help you minimise the risk of data loss and protect the integrity of your applications and systems when the power goes out unexpectedly.

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Construct a crystal radio

Making a radio is a great way to introduce your kids to electronics.

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4 ways to bridge audio compatibility gaps

Save yourself the hassle of upgrading your devices and sort out those sound issues yourself with our helpful guide.

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Multi-channel audio explained

What’s the best audio for your situation? We dive into the world of multi-channel audio to find out.

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Set up your dream sound system

A DIY sound system gives you the freedom to customise your sound and components – and it’s not too difficult.

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Get started with soldering

Learning to solder is a great way to help kids develop their motor skills and allow them to create and fix things.

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3 fantastic patch and repair compounds

A little DIY can save you big bucks, so here are some of the best compounds for electronic repair.

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High-speed rotary tool tips

Not sure what's what when it comes to using a high-speed rotary tool? Check out our great uses and pro tips.

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Saving the day with two-part putty

Fixing broken electronics is easy – and it can save a repairable device from ending up in landfill.

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Put together a periscope

Peep out of your sofa submarine or into a sibling’s room with this easy-to-make classic.

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3 ways to improve your home cinema set-up

Take your viewing to the next level with easy ways to make your next family movie night seamless.

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Boss-level Bluetooth® tricks

There's more to Bluetooth® than meets the eye. Here are some uses you may not know about.

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How to host a karaoke evening at home

Forget singing into a hairbrush. Plug in a real mic and unleash your inner idol.

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Free Colouring Book

Keep your children entertained and creative at home with this free collection of colouring-in artwork to print and enjoy at home.

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Create a light-up photo frame

Decorate an ordinary frame using an LED strip – and make Mum’s heart glow.

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Our top 5 gifts for Mum

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we’re here to make spoiling her at home easy with our favourite Mother’s Day gift ideas.

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Smart home hacks to make Mum's day

Looking for a thoughtful gift for mum? We look at some of our favourite home automation hacks to help you create her dream smart home.

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How to set up a 4K casting dongle

Put Mum in charge of the entertainment with a simple device that lets her mirror her phone's screen and audio on the TV.

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Code a simple animation

Make your own stories, games and animations with this block-based visual programming website. It's easy – we'll show you how.

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Top tech to manage your data usage

Are you juggling huge volumes of important files and stressing out about how to keep them organised and backed up? These four products will make life easier.

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5 handy hacks for videoconferencing

Blitz your next online meeting instead of being 'that person' who's annoying everyone else with incidental noise or family members walking past in the background.

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How to set up your ideal ergonomic workspace

Everyday aches and pains don't have to be a fact of life – prioritise your health with these tips to optimise your workspace

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Make a Morse code transmitter

Transform recycled bits and pieces into an analogue way to talk to your family.

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The fab 5 of maximising network coverage

No matter your location or provider, these 5 products will help you improve and optimise your network coverage.

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How to set up a Wi-Fi range extender

Take your home network to new heights in 4 easy steps

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Router secrets revealed

Your network device has so much more to offer than simply 'plug and pray'!

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A–Z of Android media players

When the internet is crawling because everyone is working from home, why not kick back and play Candy Crush on your TV?

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The best new Arduino compatible modules explained

Expand the horizons of your prototyping with one of these phenomenal new modules.

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Set up a retro gaming system in 8 easy steps

Rediscover old classics and keep yourself busy while self-isolating by building and then playing your own 8-bit entertainment system.

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5 smart ways to save power

Save big bucks on your electricity bill with our easy-to-follow guide to cutting down your usage.

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15 fun projects for kids

Try these fantastic and educational ideas to help keep the kids – and yourself – happy, healthy and engaged while being cooped up for an extended period.

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We have opened our first concept store...

The new Jaycar flagship store is open and it is unlike any other Jaycar store you have ever seen.

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This is it... A look into our flagship store and maker hub

A traditional retail store with modern collaborative maker spaces dedicated to the electronics enthusiast. It's Jaycar like you've never seen us before. Come check it out!

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