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LM285Z-2.5 LM285Z-2.5 ZV1626 0.83


CAT.NO: ZV1626

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LM285Z-2.5 2.5Vref 20uA TO-92

The extremely low power drain of the LM285-2.5 makes it extremely useful for micropower circuitry as it can operate with as little as 20μA. This voltage reference can be used to make portable meters, regulators or general purpose analog circuitry with battery life approaching shelf life. This is one of the lowest current devices of any discrete voltage references available.

Packaged Volume 4.0E-4L,4.0E-4l
Packaged Weight 2.66E-4kg
Packaged Length 2cm
Packaged Width 0.5cm
Packaged Height 0.4cm
Warranty: 3 Months