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IR Emitter Kit 6X IR Emitter Kit 6X AR1814 20.94
  • IR Emitter Kit 6X
  • IR Emitter Kit 6X
  • IR Emitter Kit 6X
IR Emitter Kit 6X

IR Emitter Kit 6X

CAT.NO: AR1814

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Are your home entertainment components hidden away in a cabinet? This IR Emitter Kit solves the problem and is the perfect way to simplify the way you control your home entertainment system. Many of today's home theatre / Hi-Fi systems are set up with the components hidden from view in a cabinet. Great for aesthetics and security, but what do you do when you want to use the remote? You have to keep the cabinet door open, which defeats the purpose of having the components in the cabinet in the first place. You can also use it to extend the range of your IR remote control to another room, or run all your remote controlled devices from a single sensor. These IR Emitter Kits act like a hub, enabling you to interface all your IR remote controlled devices together and control them from a single sensor point Two different models are available, providing for up to six IR emitters to be connected to a single point and you can add extra emitters as you need.

AR-1812 2-Input IR Extender
AR-1814 6-Input IR Extender

Additional emitters:
AR-1811 IR Emitter Single
AR-1813 IR Emitter Dual

Packaged Volume 0.945l
Packaged Weight 0.48kg
Packaged Length 18cm
Packaged Width 10.5cm
Packaged Height 5cm
Warranty: 12 Months