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High Range Adjustable Temperature Switch with LCD High Range Adjustable Temperature Switch with LCD KC5376 23.91

High Range Adjustable Temperature Switch with LCD

CAT.NO: KC5376

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- Measures to an incredible 1200 degrees celsius
- Switch devices on or off at a set temperature
- Digital readout
- Use it to:
Display any car temperature: oil, exhaust gas, coolant, intake air, brakes, etc
Trigger alarms, warning lights, fans, etc, at a selectable temperature.

Refer: Performance Electronics for Cars - Silicon Chip Publications
Heat can be a major problem with any car, especially modified and performance cars. the more power, the more heat, so you need to ensure you have adequate cooling systems in place. This temperature switch can be set anywhere up to 1200 degrees celsius, so it is extremely versatile. The relay can be used to trigger an extra thermo fan on an intercooler, mount a sensor near your turbo manifold and trigger water spray cooling, or a simple buzzer or light to warn you of a high temperature. The LCD, which can easily be dash mounted, displays the temperature all the time. kit supplied with a quality solder masked PCB with overlay, LCD panel, temperature probe and all electronic components. Probe does NOT have isolated case. Kit requires probe with insulated case, if mounted to common ground.

Packaged Volume 1.56L,1.56l
Packaged Weight 0.25kg
Packaged Length 30cm
Packaged Width 13cm
Packaged Height 4cm
Warranty: 3 Months