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Grid-Connect Solar Power Monitor with USB interface Grid-Connect Solar Power Monitor with USB interface MS6167 52.84
  • Grid-Connect Solar Power Monitor with USB interface
Grid-Connect Solar Power Monitor with USB interface

Grid-Connect Solar Power Monitor with USB interface

CAT.NO: MS6167

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Anyone who has invested in a grid-connected solar power system on their property would of course want to know just how much solar power they are producing, and how much that is going to reduce their power bills. This grid-connect solar power monitor measures the power consumption of your home, the power being produced by your solar array, and also gives you a balance of the power you are consuming versus what your solar array is producing. It also displays the costs, with 3 tariffs for the electricity pulled from the grid, and a feed-in tariff for your solar production. Of course you also get a net cost that deducts the solar feed-in tariff amount from the electricity you pulled from the grid. Two wireless transmitters sit inside your meter box with attached sensors (one for your home circuits, and one for your solar inverter output) that wirelessly transmit the power information to the indoor display unit. The indoor display shows up all the relevant information on the large LCD display, with programming and options controlled by the front panel buttons. For those who want to get a little deeper into their solar power production and household consumption habits, you can connect the indoor display unit to your PC or laptop, and download the historical data (software available on the Watts Clever website). The wireless transmitters are powered by 2xC batteries each, whilst indoor display is powered by the included 240V AC adaptor with 3xAAA batteries for backup power.

NOTE: Only works with NET-METER grid-connect solar systems.

• Uses 433MHz to wirelessly transmit data
• Sensor current: up to 100A, 0.1A sensitivity
• Transmitters battery operated (4xC included), last for over 2 years
• Display unit uses mains adaptor
• Display can also use 3 x AAA batteries for short periods (not supplied)
• Displays solar power, household power, costs, overall power and costs
• Stores up to 2 years of data
• Cost can be calculated using up to 3 tariff rates, plus 1 feed-in tariff
• Clock, temperature, battery level and channel displayed
• Works on single and 3-phase systems (3-phase requires additional sensor pack, MS-6166)

Warranty: 12 Months