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Ethanol Bio Fuel Energy Kit Ethanol Bio Fuel Energy Kit KT2550 9.52
  • Ethanol Bio Fuel Energy Kit
Ethanol Bio Fuel Energy Kit

Ethanol Bio Fuel Energy Kit

CAT.NO: KT2550

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Build your own desk fan and run it on your own bio-fuel. Generate your own electricity from ethanol (ethyl alcohol) using Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell technology. Bio fuels are an alternative to fossil fuels as they are generated from fermented plant matter, not from long-dead critters and plants. The kit contains everything you need to get your alternative fuel experiment off the ground, except the ethanol itself: you could use a solution of denatured alcohol which is available from pharmacies, hardware stores or chemical suppliers. Measuring cylinder is included for mixing up the required solution. If you're really keen, you could ferment your own, but check that this is legal first as you would be manufacturing alcohol. One small tankful will last for several days, and the kit includes testing strips to monitor how much useable ethanol is left in the tank.So once you've made the fuel you can put it to work running the desk top fan you assemble in the kit.The kit includes ethanol storage tank, tubing, purging valve, supporting base, electric motor, wiring with crocodile clips, fan blades, Ethanol solution mixing container and pH measuring strips.

Recommended for ages 12+Adult supervision recommended

Warranty: 3 Months