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E-Charger Power Bank 12V/USB Charger E-Charger Power Bank 12V/USB Charger MB3597 5.23

E-Charger Power Bank 12V/USB Charger

CAT.NO: MB3597

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This unit is designed for use on 12V vehicles and will assist if the starter motor turns the engine over too slowly to start. The power bank's 600mm lead plugs into the cigarette lighter socket and will take approximately 15 minutes to deliver sufficient power to start the vehicle. With a USB and a female automotive accessory socket, this unit also serves as a back-up device for other equipment such as mobile phones, PDAs and iPods.
>This device will not work with a heavily discharged or sulphated battery
> Terminates to a 15A fused male automotive cigarette lighter plug for charging
> Internal battery: 12V 4 amp SLA
> Accessory output power: 12VDC @ 5 amp max
> USB output power: 5VDC @ 500mA max
> 240VAC mains charger supplied
> Unit measures: 250(W) x 110(L) x 80(H)mm

Packaged Volume 4.8712L,4.871168l
Packaged Weight 2.585kg
Packaged Length 26.8cm
Packaged Width 14.2cm
Packaged Height 12.8cm
Warranty: 12 Months