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Duinotech Duinotech Nano Board - Arduino Compatible Duinotech Nano Board - Arduino Compatible XC4414 29.95 In stock

Duinotech Nano Board - Arduino Compatible

CAT.NO: XC4414

Duinotech Nano Board - Arduino Compatible

CAT.NO: XC4414

Fully compatible with all the features of the full DuinoTECH boards but on a tiny DIP-style form.
• ATMega328P Microcontroller
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XC4414, XC4384, XC4610, XC4514, WH3032, HB6005, PT0454, PT0453, RR2798, RR2818
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This is the most breadboard friendly Arduino™-Compatible device you will find. Despite its small size, it packs virtually all the features of the full DuinoTECH boards into a tiny DIP-style board that drops directly into your breadboard. It uses exactly the same ATMega328 chip as its larger cousins, so there is no need to change any of your coding. A Mini-B-USB port is easily accessible on top of the board for programming and serial communication (use our WC7709 cable). LEDs show power and serial status and a reset button is easily accessible. Its small DIP-style makes it easy to embed into Veroboard or custom PCBs for more advanced projects.

•    Fully Arduino™ and DuinoTECH Compatible
•    ATMega328P Microcontroller
o    EEPROM: 512 bytes
o    Speed: 16MHz
•    FT232RL USB-Serial Chipset
•    IO:
o    Digital IO: 14 pins (6 are configurable as Digital or PWM)
o    PWM Capable: 6 pins
o    Analogue Inputs: 6 pins
o    Serial Ports: 1 (more supported via SoftwareSerial library)
•    Input voltage:
o    7-14VDC via Vin pin
o    On-board regulator supplies 5V when unit is powered via Vin pin


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Product Dimensions

Length 46mm
Height 18mm
Width 18mm
Computer Specifications

Flash Memory 32GB
Arduino Modules

Required Supply Voltage 5V