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Dual Speaker Pest Repeller Dual Speaker Pest Repeller YS5522 6.69
  • Dual Speaker Pest Repeller
Dual Speaker Pest Repeller

Dual Speaker Pest Repeller

CAT.NO: YS5522

NOTE: This product is discontinued. Please see our replacement YS5528
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Pest Repeller is effective in controlling mice, rats, roaches, fleas, flies, crickets, silverfish, moths, ants and most other common pests. It uses ultrasonic sound waves to repel insects and rodents by attacking their auditory and nervous systems, causing them to relocate elsewhere. It will not affect humans and pets or interfere with televisions, radios, alarms or other electronic equipment.
A small red LED indicates the unit is operating properly as it effectively protects an area up to around 300 square metres. No more dangerous chemicals to buy, no more messy traps to clean and set, this is the year round protection your premises needs to keep those nasties away. Plug pack included.

> Twin speakers
> Power Consumption: 2W
> Frequency range: 24 - 50kHz
> Output sound pressure: 160dB

Warranty: 3 Months