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Dual Battery Isolators with Adjustable Disconnect/Reconnect - 12V Battery Dual Battery Isolators with Adjustable Disconnect/Reconnect - 12V Battery MB3680 23.58

Dual Battery Isolators with Adjustable Disconnect/Reconnect - 12V Battery

CAT.NO: MB3680

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For any 4WD, caravan, campervan or motor home enthusiast, a dual battery system is an almost must have addition. In order to protect your start battery from being drained by these extra loads, you need to install a dual battery isolator such as one of these. These solid-state dual battery isolators work by using high power FETs and MCU controls to automatically connect and disconnect the auxiliary battery to your start battery. The idea being that the isolator allows both batteries to be connected and charged by the alternator whilst driving. The isolator will keep the two batteries connected until the voltage of the start battery is reduced to the cut-out voltage, at which time it will disconnect to ensure that sufficient charge is kept in your start battery to be able to start your engine again. To avoid erroneous cut-in/cut-out stutter, the unit employs a 15 second delay on the disconnect/reconnect function, ensuring that if a discharged auxiliary battery is connected it does not cause the isolator to immediately disconnect, then immediately reconnect again, then disconnect, etc - which would stop the auxiliary battery from ever being charged. Just in case you do end up with a flat start battery, there is a manual override to connect both batteries and boost the power to start your vehicle. Cut-in and cut-out voltages are independently adjustable with 10 set-points each, and LED indicators let you know what's happening. This model is for 12V batteries.

• MCU controls with FET switching, 100% solid state technology with extremely low standby current and voltage drop
• 10 user adjustable set points for disconnect and reconnect voltages
• Over current, over voltage and over temperature protection
• Emergency over-ride feature
• Can be used independently as a low voltage disconnect/reconnect for a 100A load
Low voltage protection
(no delay) 8.5VDC +/-0.5VDC
Over voltage protection 16VDC +/-0.5VDC
Over current protection 150A
Continuous current 100A
Standby power draw 5mA (LED off) / 9mA (LED on)
Voltage drop at max load 250mV
Operating temp. range -40°C - 60°C
Dimensions 222(L) x 75(W) x 50 (D)mm

Packaged Volume 3.168L,3.168l
Packaged Weight 0.825kg
Packaged Length 24cm
Packaged Width 11cm
Packaged Height 12cm
Warranty: 12 Months