The Wheel Thing

Rolling robots are the perfect entry point for anyone wanting to learn about coding Arduino, programming or robotics - children and adults alike!

Do you constantly notice or hear about Arduino, but you’re not sure where to begin? Are you a soldering demigod, but programming seems like it’s for the birds? Wheeled robots provide a positively painless introduction to these and other fields, and can be a great way to enjoy family time.

A rolling robot is a bit like a remote-control car with a mind of its own, and many are available as kits aimed at children, with little or no assembly and simple block-based programming. However, discovering these with the young people in your life can give you an inspiring insight into the amazing possibilities, and potentially spark a whole new field of fascination for you.

Codey/Rocky is simple enough for children as young as six to program, yet it offers incredibly powerful possibilities ranging from AI learning to coding in Python.

MeetEdison is an autonomous robot that can be programmed in three different ways, including drag-and-drop block coding, and is equipped with a comprehensive sensor suite.

The next step up is mBot Blue, which requires assembly and can be programmed using a simple block-based graphical tool. More ambitious coding enthusiasts can use Arduino C to program the robot.

The wall-dodging robot project is a perfect first project for discovering Arduino. It’s built from first principles and uses a Duinotech UNO to interpret information from an ultrasonic sensor, autonomously navigating its surroundings and avoiding obstacles.

- July 2019

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