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DAB+/FM Digital Radio Kit DAB+/FM Digital Radio Kit KC5491 149.00

DAB+/FM Digital Radio Kit

CAT.NO: KC5491

  • DAB+/FM Digital Radio Kit
  • DAB+/FM Digital Radio Kit
DAB+/FM Digital Radio Kit

DAB+/FM Digital Radio Kit

CAT.NO: KC5491

DAB+ radio is now launched!
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Assembly Required

With DAB+ radio now launched across most of Australia, it is well worth jumping on board to enjoy the crystal clear reception and bonus content that is exclusive to DAB+ broadcasts. Not only does each station transmit station information, but there are many more broadcast stations that are only found on DAB+ radio. To take advantage of digital radio, you of course need a DAB+ tuner.

If you already have a quality hi-fi system in your home, and you want to start listening to DAB+ radio on your system, you are quite limited by your choices. Unless you want to buy a kitchen/bench top style radio, there are very few DAB+ radios available as a hi-fi component tuner and the few that are cost north of $700! Many hi-fi enthusiasts just want to add a digital tuner to their existing hi-fi system, and want function and sound quality over bells and whistles. This kit provides all the functionality you could need, and is cost-effective as an alternative to a hi-fi store model costing MANY times more. It is designed to complement an existing home hi-fi system by adding DAB+ tuning, and just sits neatly atop your existing hi-fi receiver in the 440mm wide hi-fi component case as if it were a brand name model. It covers DAB+ and FM, has analogue and optical audio outputs, IR remote control (optional extra), an external antenna connection and is powered by a low-cost mains plugpack. The kit is complete with everything, including the hi-fi component case.

• DAB+/FM band
• Minimal front panel buttons
• Digital station info display
• IR remote control
• Station memory presets
• RCA and optical audio output
• External antenna connection
• Requires mains plugpack

Assembly required
Warranty: 3 Months
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