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Cree Super Bright LED - XR-E White Cree Super Bright LED - XR-E White ZD0442 0.72

Cree Super Bright LED - XR-E White

CAT.NO: ZD0442

NOTE: This product is discontinued. Please see our replacement ZD0445
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Cree XR LEDs offer market-leading lumen output and efficiency combined with excellent lumen maintenance. They deliver over 100 lumens at 350mA (1watt), and 250 lumens at 1000mA for cool white. That's over 100 lumens/watt! They are suitable for practically any low voltage lighting application including mood lighting, signage, automotive lighting, eco-friendly home lighting fixtures, remotely powered lighting systems, etc. They can even be used as a halogen replacement or in torches etc. Cree LEDs also provide excellent long term performance and will keep their original white colour and maintain over 70% of their original brightness even after 50,000 hours of use.
Cree XR-series LEDs are a direct drop-in replacement for any other star module LED, so upgrading from existing star LEDs is simple.
Typical Lumen Performance

Cat Type Colour @ 350mA @ 500mA @ 700mA @ 1,000mA
ZD-0424 XR-C White 60 80 n/a n/a
ZD-0426 XR-C Warm white 60 80 n/a n/a
ZD-0442 XR-E White 100 130 185 250
ZD-0444 XR-E Warm white 60 80 115 150

• Highest efficacy, at over 100 lm/W (XR-E)
• Directed light source for increased lighting efficiency
• Superior lumen maintenance
• Long operating life: above 70% output for 50,000hours
• Low forward voltage DC operation
• Cool beam, safe to touch
• Fully dimmable without colour variation
• No UV rays or infrared heat in light beam
• Superior ESD protection
• Contains no mercury
• High max junction temp - 145*C

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Packaged Volume 0.0151L,0.015125l
Packaged Weight 0.003kg
Packaged Length 5.5cm
Packaged Width 5.5cm
Packaged Height 0.5cm
Warranty: 3 Months