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Cree MC-E Ultra High Power LED Cree MC-E Ultra High Power LED ZD0449 8.32

Cree MC-E Ultra High Power LED

CAT.NO: ZD0449

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If a Cree XP-G isn't bright enough for you, then this is the LED that you want! Made with 4 individual Cree Xlamp dies in one compact package, it offers a light output virtually unparalleled in such a small size. Mounted to a star PCB with each LED die connected in series, it offers over 430 lumens when driven at 350mA, and over 700 lumens when driven at 700mA!
Viewing angle 110°
Max DC forward current 700mA
Colour temp 6350°K
Reverse voltage 5V per die (20V total)
Forward voltage (@350mA) 3.2V per die (12.8V total)
Forward voltage (@700mA) 3.4V per die (13.6V total)
Max LED junction temp 150°C
Mounted to 20mm star PCB

Packaged Volume 0.0028L,0.0028l
Packaged Weight 0.008kg
Packaged Length 2cm
Packaged Width 2cm
Packaged Height 0.7cm
Warranty: 3 Months