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Combined Wireless Reversing Sensor and Tyre Pressure Monitor Combined Wireless Reversing Sensor and Tyre Pressure Monitor LR8865 41.93

Combined Wireless Reversing Sensor and Tyre Pressure Monitor

CAT.NO: LR8865

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Not only will this reversing sensor alert you to obstacles behind your vehicle, it will also monitor the pressure and temperature of all four tyres on your car and display the information on the dashboard mounted screen - in real time. This is important if you are traveling long distances or carrying extra weight in your vehicle. Caravanners will find the system particularly useful for monitoring their tyres as these are more susceptible to problems caused by overloading or under-inflation. Early warning could avert disaster. The system will also sense a slow leak and warn you before pressure drops to a dangerous level. Once the sensors are installed, the system is virtually automatic and is triggered by motion sensors in the tyres and display. Suitable for tubeless tyres.

Display specifications
> LCD screen
> 80 x 50mm display
> Shows pressure and temp for each wheel
> Over-temp warning
> Pressure-change warning
> Low battery warning

Reversing Sensor
> Sensor range 0.3 ~ 2.0m
> Frequency 40KHz
> -30°C to +80°C

Tyre Sensors
> Pressure range 0 ~50 PSI (0 ~ 350kPa)
> Temperature range -40°C ~ +99°C

Packaged Dimensions
Packaged Volume 4.416L
Packaged Weight 1kg
Packaged Length 24cm
Packaged Width 23cm
Packaged Height 8cm
Warranty: 12 Months