4 Ways to Bridge Audio Compatibility Gaps

4 Ways to Bridge Audio Compatibility Gaps

Save yourself the hassle of upgrading your devices and sort out those sound issues yourself with our helpful guide.

Can't hear a thing because your devices refuse to communicate with one another? Don't throw in the towel yet. We'll show you how to fix audio compatibility issues with a few nifty gadgets.

1. Pair new headphones to an old laptop
Connect your headphones or earphones to a laptop with separate audio inputs with this plug cable. Check availability.
Why we're fans: Features separate audio and microphone inputs. Easily connect your earphones or headphones to your old laptop or desktop.
When it'll save the day: When you're having trouble getting both your mic and sound to play through your laptop, this cable will come to the rescue by splitting your audio. Just plug it into the audio port on your laptop and you're all set.

2. Connect mic and stereo headphones to your Smartphone
Hook up an external microphone and stereo headphones to your smartphone or newer laptop with this convenient solution. Check availability.
Why we're fans: Cost-effective and simple plug in solution. Once plugged in it's all systems go with no need to install separate software.
When it'll save the day: If you need improved audio quality on a call or a local recording, instead of using a combined earphone with built-in mic, you can record and listen in higher quality using any external mic or stereo headphones of your choosing.

3. Connect wired headphones to a smartphone
Got a pair of analogue headphones that you're longing to plug into your smart device? Now you can with a Lightning™ connector. Check availability.
Why we're fans: It's iOS™ compatible, so it works just as well as your original adaptor supplied with your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod®.
When it'll save the day: If you've damaged or lost the adaptor that came with your device, this one has your back. You can keep it attached to your favourite headphones or switch it between any pair of earphones or headphones you fancy.

4. Link TOSLINK and analogue audio
If your audio sources use Dolby Digital AC3 Pro logic, DTS or PCM, you can convert them into 2.0 channel analogue with this nifty converter. Check availability.
Why we're fans: This is a compact, plug and play solution to converting complex digital audio to simple 2 channel analogue.
When it'll save the day: You'll be able to connect the audio from your gaming console to your existing home entertainment system that doesn't include (or has run out of) digital inputs.

-June 2021

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