3 fantastic patch and repair compounds

A little DIY can save you big bucks, so here are some of the best compounds for electronic repair.

If you want to extend the lifespan of your cables, wires and electrical equipment, it all comes down to having a set of quality compounds. These are some of the must-haves for your electronics first-aid kit.

1. Seal with tape
Self-amalgamating tape fuses to itself when stretched, making it a resilient, reliable choice for easy electronic repairs.
Why we're fans: It forms a waterproof, seamless layer with fantastic insulation and has great corona-resistant properties. Once applied, it won't unwind, loosen or peel off.
When it'll save the day: Repair and seal high-voltage cables, equipment, pipes and electrical joints in an instant.

2. Rebuild with putty
Got something made of metal that's in desperate need of a patch up? Then an epoxy putty is a powerful and versatile adhesive to have in your DIY electronic repair arsenal.
Why we're fans: This hand-mixable, steel-reinforced putty is non-rusting and restores, reshapes and rebuilds anything made of metal in 3–5 minutes.
When it'll save the day: Use it as a bond for your automotive parts, exhaust systems, plumbing and household repairs to make surfaces as hard as steel.

3. Repair with wire glue
No soldering iron? No problem. Wire glue does an impressive job of holding everything together.
Why we're fans: This lead-free, electrically conductive adhesive enables you to make solder connections without heat. All you need to do is paint it on and let it set overnight.
When it'll save the day: Wire glue has hundreds of trade, hobby and electronic uses, such as repairing cords, wires, connections, hobby projects and car and boat wiring.

-May 2020

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