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Discover five fantastic innovations you never knew you can't live without

Where would we be without the crazy inventions that make life interesting? It's even better when they're actually useful, as well! So what if you already have a head torch and a pair of earphones? A beanie that literally empowers you with sight and sound takes awesome to the next level, whether you're out in the wilderness or just walking home from the station at night.

Check out this ingenious gadget, plus four others that might not be necessary for survival, but put a brilliant new twist on getting a kick out of technology every day.

This Bluetooth® beanie does a lot more than just keep your brain at a comfortable temperature. With a built-in LED torch and integrated headphones offering 10 hours of listening on a full charge, it puts a whole new spin on 'smart casualwear'. The battery recharges via USB and the electronics are easily removable on laundry day.

Keep this spring-loaded fly pistol on hand for your next barbie and you'll have a chemical-free licence to kill annoying airborne pests. It's a lot more fun than a flyswatter!

An ultrasonic cleaner is one of those appliances that sounds a bit 'out there' until you realise how many things it's good for. Never again will you have to tolerate annoying little deposits of grime in a metal watch strap, or spend hours trying to get ornate jewellery sparkling again with an old toothbrush. Just add water and mild detergent, pop in your item and set the cleaning cycle.

Deal with warm weather in the coolest way possible thanks to a USB-powered fan that uses RGB LEDs and the persistence of vision to display a message of your choice, up to 10 photos, or the time and temperature. It uses a free app to connect with your phone via Bluetooth®.

Channel your inner secret agent with a camera hidden in what looks like an ordinary pen. It records 1080p with audio to a MicroSD card (sold separately) for up to 70 minutes per charge, and can also take still photos. It's probably the fastest and most reliable way to take minutes at your next meeting!

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- March 2020

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