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AV-GAD Brako Glass Breakage Sensor AV-GAD Brako Glass Breakage Sensor LA5550 7.12

AV-GAD Brako Glass Breakage Sensor

CAT.NO: LA5550

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The Brako is the ultimate false alarm-free sensor. It captures the sound of breaking glass, which produce two sequential signals of different frequencies. It detects both the shock signal and the strong signal of glass breakage creating a false alarm-free glass break detector. There's no requirement for it to be installed on a window, enabling protection of several windows at once. Wall or ceiling mounted and compatible with all AV-GAD panels.

* Shock and/or breakage selectable
* Analyzes two frequencies
* Signal analysis ignores environmental disturbances
* Sensitivity adjustment
* RFI and EMI protected

Input voltage: 8-16VDC regulated
Current consumption: 22mA at 12V
Alarm contacts: 24V NC
Detection range: 10 metres
Dimensions: 80(L) x 52(W) x 22(D)mm

Packaged Volume 0.207L,0.206976l
Packaged Weight 0.0622kg
Packaged Length 9.8cm
Packaged Width 6.6cm
Packaged Height 3.2cm
Warranty: 12 Months