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Audio Video RF Modulator with Display - Stereo Audio Video RF Modulator with Display - Stereo LM3879 16.64

Audio Video RF Modulator with Display - Stereo

CAT.NO: LM3879

NOTE: This product is discontinued. Please see our replacement LM3880
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Many older TVs don't have AV inputs, making connection of modern AV sources a no-go. You can alleviate that problem with this nifty RF modulator: it takes a composite video or S-video AV signal and converts it into an RF signal down the antenna line so that your TV just tunes into the signal as if it were a broadcast TV station. Also very handy for piping AV signals around the home on existing TV antenna cabling, allowing you to view an AV source in multiple rooms around the house without the need to lay new cabling. You can even select which channel to modulate the AV signal into, to avoid interference with any existing signals on your TV antenna line. Modulates signals into the UHF range. Mains plugpack included.

• Requires F plug to coaxial plug flylead, use WV7384

Packaged Volume 3.2853L,3.2853l
Packaged Weight 0.68kg
Packaged Length 23.3cm
Packaged Width 14.1cm
Packaged Height 10cm
Warranty: 3 Months