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Add-On Regulator For 12V Battery Chargers Add-On Regulator For 12V Battery Chargers KA1795 4.20

Add-On Regulator For 12V Battery Chargers

CAT.NO: KA1795

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Refer: Electronics Australia July, 1997 Perhaps the most popular car battery chargers on the market today are readily available from supermarkets, but have substantial design limitations -usually reflected in their low price. When using one of these low-cost car battery chargers, you have to monitor the charge state of the battery and disconnect it from the battery when it's fully charged. Timer switches would be alright, but that doesn't take into account the charge level of the battery. A better (and safer!) way is this add-on regulator kit so the charger can be left connected to the battery continuously. The PCB has been specifically designed to slide into an Arlec-brand 4A charger, although it could of course be mounted externally in its own separate case.
* The Jaycar kit is supplied with PCB, heatsink sheet plus all specified electronic components.

PCB: 130 x 65mm

Warranty: 3 Months