Light Bulb Moment

The humble fixture we're all familiar with has received a smart new makeover for the 21st century

Using smart Wi-Fi plugs or your smartphone to switch appliances on and off via voice commands is a great way to start discovering the benefits and convenience of home automation. But that's just the tip of the iceberg: available in both bayonet and Edison screw versions, smart light bulbs can transform the way you illuminate your home.

Here are five fab advantages.

Whether you've got your hands full when you need to switch the lights on, or you just want to dim the ambience of the living room without leaving the comfort of the sofa, voice control makes life so much easier.

Especially when paired with network cameras or your whole security system, smart bulbs can be an excellent way to deter intruders When a network camera sends you a notification that it's detected motion outside your home, you can switch on a nearby internal light remotely – even if you're away on holiday at the time.

Colour temperature
One of the big perks of smart globes is the option of changing their colour temperature, for bright, cool daylight tones that help you feel alert and focused, to softer, warm shades for the evening. With third-party apps such as Smart Life, you can set your smart bulbs to mimic the natural colours of daylight, helping to work with your circadian rhythm.

If you want to adjust the brightness of your lights on the fly, you no longer need hardwired dimmer switches that have to be installed by an electrician. Both smart bulbs and app-controlled lighting strips have onboard software which allows you to dim them using a smartphone or voice control.

LED bulbs use much less power than halogens, and are generally more efficient than CFLs (compact fluorescent lights). The advantage of being able to check the status of lights around your home and switch them off remotely is also super handy if anyone in your family notoriously leaves lights on and forgets about them.

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-July 2021

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