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DiaMec 6V 4.5Ah SLA Battery 6V 4.5Ah SLA Battery SB2496 14.95 In stock

6V 4.5Ah SLA Battery

CAT.NO: SB2496

• Size 70(L) x 47(D) x 107(H)mm-
• Charge current 420mA for 10- 14 hours- 
• Discharge current 20 hr rate 200mA
• Ca...
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• Size 70(L) x 47(D) x 107(H)mm-
• Charge current 420mA for 10- 14 hours-
• Discharge current 20 hr rate 200mA
• Capacity:
20hr rate (0.20A) 4.2Ah
10hr rate (0.38A) 3.8Ah
5hr rate (0.68A) 3.4Ah
1hr rate (2.40A) 2.4Ah
• Int Resistance: Fully charged (20°C,68°F) 22m Ohm-
• Max Discharge Current (5 sec):40A-
• Constant Voltage Charge: Initial charging current < 1.2A
• Cycle:- Voltage 7.20V~7.50V @ 20°C (68°F) -
• Temp Coefficient: - 15mV/°C
• Standby:- Voltage 6.75V~6.90V @ 20°C (68°F)-
• Temp Coefficient: - 10mV/°C


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Standard Recharge Current 500A
Recharging Time 12hr
Recharging Voltage 7.2V-7.5V
Amp Hour Rating 4.5Ah
Connection Type Spade Terminals
1 Hour Capacity 2.7Ah
5 Hour Capacity 3.6Ah
10 Hour Capacity 4.05Ah
20 Hour Capacity 4.5Ah
Battery usage Rechargeable
Battery Chemical Composition Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)
Type of battery SLA Block
Battery Peak Current 67.5A
DC Voltage 6V
Product Length 70mm
Product Height 106mm
Product Depth 47mm