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Thermaltronics 55W 470kHz ESD Safe Soldering Station 55W 470kHz ESD Safe Soldering Station TS1584 379.00 In stock

55W 470kHz ESD Safe Soldering Station

CAT.NO: TS1584

55W 470kHz ESD Safe Soldering Station

CAT.NO: TS1584

Thermaltronics TMT-2000S-K soldering station
Rapid response 470kHz Curie heating technology
Includes K-series 0.5mm conical tip
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This outstanding new soldering station uses a proven technology, Curie point temperature sensing with a new twist. The tip is heated by RF induction to bring the tip up to operating temp. The soldering iron tip is a heater. Older Curie point soldering irons like the famous Weller W-TCP used a separate Curie-switch, heater and tip. There are thermocouples, varistors or other temp sensors that only complicate things. The thermal inertia with the Thermaltronics product  is far lower.

The system consists of the base power unit which connects to mains 240V. The soldering pencil accepts a cartridge tip (which is also the heating element) and a burn-proof silicon rubber cord. The third element in the system is the pencil iron stand. This stand features a ‘dry’-type  tip cleaner which is made from machine curled brass and also a standard sulphide free tip sponge.

Other Features / Specifications:  
·    Low power idle
·    Under 10 second heat-up
·    Rapid recovery from soldering load. No overshoot
·    No calibration needed
·    Can work leaded and unleaded solder

Soldering Iron:

Tip to GND Resistance: <2 Ohms DC
Tip to GND Potential: 2mW, true RMS 50 - 500Hz


TS-1586: 0.5mm Conical Sharp Tip
Tip Width: 0.50mm (0.02”)
Tip Length: 11.80mm (0.41”)

TS-1587: 1.0mm Conical Sharp Tip
Tip Width: 1.0m (0.04”)
Tip Length: 14.40mm (0.57”)

TS-1588: 2.5mm Chisel Tip
Tip Style: Chisel 30 degrees
Tip Width: 2.5mm (0.10”)
Tip Length: 10.30mm (0.41”)

Brand: Thermaltronis


For More info on Soldering Irons.

Product Dimensions

Width 110mm
Height 155mm
Depth 92mm
Weight 1.3kg
Soldering Iron

Soldering iron type Soldering Iron
Soldering Power Rating 50W
Temperature 350°C
Spare Tips Available
Alternate Tips Available
ESD Iron
Lead free iron
Soldering Iron Tip

Type Conical,Chisel
Size 0.5mm-2.5mm
Mains powered

Mains Voltage Range 240V
Frequency 470Hz
Warranty: 12 Months
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