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5.5 Graphics Tablet 5.5 Graphics Tablet XC0356 9.83

5.5 Graphics Tablet

CAT.NO: XC0356

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What does a graphics tablet do? It's an input device like a keyboard or mouse, but there are many reasons why you'd use one instead of a mouse. Using a pen or pencil is completely natural, more comfortable and far more accurate. More importantly, a tablet has far higher resolution than a mouse, and it's pressure sensitive, so if you're working with brush tools in Photoshop, for example, the pen on the tablet behaves exactly as a brush or pen would. You can assign the pen tip and other buttons to any function or keystroke you like and the tablet has user-defined hotspots around the border that can be used to open applications or used like mini-macros with defined sets of keystrokes. Paint, draw, write, touch up or use it as a pointing device. Absolutely essential tool for graphics designers, photographers or other creatives.

• Battery and software included
• Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Mac
• Dimensions: 205(W) x 190(H)mm

Packaged Volume 5.5575L,5.5575l
Packaged Weight 0.93kg
Packaged Length 28.5cm
Packaged Width 26cm
Packaged Height 7.5cm
Warranty: 12 Months