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3D Human Heart Anatomy Puzzle 3D Human Heart Anatomy Puzzle GG2380 1.07

3D Human Heart Anatomy Puzzle

CAT.NO: GG2380

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Find out how the heart and the vascular system works. Assemble the heart and pull it apart again to see how the chambers and valves in the heart keep blood pumping around the body.
31 parts, 95mm high.

A fantastic educational way to learn about human anatomy and what makes our bodies tick. Each puzzle teaches a different aspect of human biology in great detail. Learn all about vascular, nervous, skeletal, sensor and reproductive systems in a fun and practical way. Each puzzle is highly detailed and have a presentation stand for keeping on display in the classroom or science lab. These puzzles are also ideal for medical centres and doctors surgeries to help explain medical processes to kiddies.

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Packaged Volume 2.4725L
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Packaged Length 24.3cm
Packaged Width 18.5cm
Packaged Height 5.5cm
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