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360W Expedition Fold-up Panel Solar Pack 360W Expedition Fold-up Panel Solar Pack ZM9316 2,249.00

360W Expedition Fold-up Panel Solar Pack

CAT.NO: ZM9316

  • 360W Expedition Fold-up Panel Solar Pack
360W Expedition Fold-up Panel Solar Pack

360W Expedition Fold-up Panel Solar Pack

CAT.NO: ZM9316

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A range of affordable DIY solar package deals from small entry level for light weight camping to a serious system to provide sufficient power for your off-road or boating get-away. Most of the packages come with everything needed to set up the complete power system with minimum wiring. Each package includes a versatile bright 60 LED light strip to illuminate the campsite or cabin, and the smaller deals also provide the option for a deep-cycle battery. See individual components for full details and warranty information.

ZM9316 360W Folding Solar Panel Package
A heavy duty portable solar solution if you are planning to camp for extended durations or have hungry power appliances. Portable panels can also be more convenient than fixed panels so you can park your caravan, motorhome or RV in the shade and have the panels up to 10m away in the sunlight.   

Part number                 Description                                                         Qty
ZM9136             SOLAR PNL 12V 180W MONO FOLD-UP PORTABLE               2
 MP3735             SOLAR CHG CONTLR MPPT 12V/24V 30A                            1
 SB1695             BATT SLA GEL 12V 100AH DEEP CYCLE                                1
 HB8500             BOX BATT PLAS W/PWR ACCESSORIES                               1
 ST3950             LED STRIP 60XLED IP67 FLEX H&L 12V                                2
 PT4442             LEAD PIGGYBACK ANDERSON 50A 8G R&B                            1
 PT4444              LEAD ANDERSON 50A - EYE TERM 8G R&B                            1

Package or Kit Item

Component Item 1 ZM9136
Item Quantity 1 2pc
Component Item 2 MP3735
Item Quantity 2 1pc
Component Item 3 SB1695
Item Quantity 3 1pc
Component Item 4 HB8500
Item Quantity 4 1pc
Component Item 5 ST3950
Item Quantity 5 2pc
Component Item 6 PT4442
Item Quantity 6 1pc
Component Item 7 PT4444
Item Quantity 7 1pc
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