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2kW Sine Wave Inverter Generator 2kW Sine Wave Inverter Generator MG4502 499.00

2kW Sine Wave Inverter Generator

CAT.NO: MG4502

Unit is supplied without oil, YOU MUST ADD OIL BEFORE USE!!!Use SAE 15W40 4-stroke engine oil.You can buy cheap 240V petrol generators for around $500...
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Unit is supplied without oil, YOU MUST ADD OIL BEFORE USE!!!
Use SAE 15W40 4-stroke engine oil.

You can buy cheap 240V petrol generators for around $500 these days, but they are inefficient, noisy and dangerous. Not dangerous for you, but for your 240V appliances. The problem is that due to their rudimentary output regulation, when they are working below the rated load of the generator the line voltage can increase from a nominal 230/240VAC to over 260VAC (in some cases up to 400VAC)! It is for this reason that we have never sold these products.

This inverter generator unit is petrol powered and differs from cheaper units, in that the engine (which is built to the same design as the market leading Japanese brands) drives a DC alternator. A pure sine wave inverter then converts the DC to a stable pure sine 230VAC, suitable for appliances including sensitive electronics. No matter what the load is on the generator, the output remains at 230VAC 50Hz. The added benefit is that the petrol motor is far better matched to the load, reducing overall size, keeping engine speed in line with the load, reducing noise and increasing fuel efficiency.

Please note: This product is not available off the shelf in stores. Please call your local store to arrange for an order.

> Electric start & recoil start
> Low noise (65dB at 7m)
> 7L fuel capacity (approx 6.5hr run time)
> 2x 230/240V 15A GPO power outlets
> 12V 8.3A vehicle battery charger output
> LED indicators for output, overload and oil level

Specifications Forced air-cooled, 1 cylinder, 4-stroke, OHV
Displacement 125cc
Rated Power Output 2.6KW / 5000RPM
Max. Power Output 3.0KW / 5500RPM
Bore*Stroke(mm) 52.4 x 57.8mm
Ignition System T.D.I.
Starting System Recoil start / Electric
Fuel Tank Capacity 7.0L
Fuel Consumptioin 400g / kW / h
Continuous Operating Time 6.5 hours
Noise ( 7m away ) 65dBa
Rated Output Frequency 50Hz
Rated Output Voltage 230V
D.C. Output Voltage 12V 8.3A
Output Sockets 2 ( Aus type )
Rated Power Output ( kW ) 2kW
Max. Power Output ( kW ) 2.2kW
Dimensions 545(L) x 290(W) x 500(H)mm
Net Weight 28kg

Note: Powertech portable inverter generators are supplied dry, meaning that there is no oil or petrol in the engine. Engine oil MUST added before use or damage will result. The engine uses commonly available SAE 15W40 4-stroke engine oil as per the instructions.

Warranty Note: The 7 day satisfaction guarantee is VOIDED once oil and/or petrol has been put in the generator. Customers will not be issued a refund as the product is no longer in original purchase condition.

See how you can use this product with others, to power your caravan or camper trailer!

For further information visit our PowerTech page.

Packaged Volume 138.06l
Packaged Weight 36kg
Packaged Length 60cm
Packaged Width 39cm
Packaged Height 59cm
Warranty: 12 Months