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123 Robotics Experiments For The Evil Genius 123 Robotics Experiments For The Evil Genius BM7104 6.45
  • 123 Robotics Experiments For The Evil Genius
123 Robotics Experiments For The Evil Genius

123 Robotics Experiments For The Evil Genius

CAT.NO: BM7104

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Frankly, the Evil Genius series of books started a few years ago and the publisher realised that it grabbed the attention of many. We reviewed one early title and were horrified at the VERY DANGEROUS projects described therein.
This book, however, is an absolute delight. Written by the brilliant Myke Predko, the book starts with the basic concepts of robotics. In many ways it starts at Too Simple. We mean this because Myke describes a couple of silly projects to start, i.e. a doll made out of the cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls. He gets into gear quickly, however. (Start reading from p.15 and have an inches -> metric conversion table handy!)
The projects & concept explanations come at a fast pace. You will learn about all the concepts needed for basic robotics technology & have all of the components described to you as well.
You will get the basics at a bit of a rush - so that you can get to real robotic control - through the BASIC Stamp microcontroller.
Before you know it, you will have serious knowledge of robotics. Indeed this book even includes a double-sided plated-through P.C.B that you will need for many projects. A board such as this could cost almost as much as the book itself if sold separately. So let's be tough & call the book 121 Robotics Projects. Either way it is THE book for someone who wants to get into this fascinating technology
355 Pages. Softcover 275(H)x215(W)mm.

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