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10 Way Home Theatre Surge Protected Powerboard 10 Way Home Theatre Surge Protected Powerboard MS4033 79.95 In stock

10 Way Home Theatre Surge Protected Powerboard

CAT.NO: MS4033

10 Way Home Theatre Surge Protected Powerboard

CAT.NO: MS4033

10 surge and spike protected sockets.
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This is the perfect addition to your home theatre, music gear or home office setup. This powerboard features 10 surge and spike protected sockets, including 2 wide sockets for large power adaptors. It also includes 2 USB ports for charging smartphones and tablets. Surge protection and EMI/RFI filtering protect against mains power fluctuations, with each socket protected three ways: active, neutral and earth. Additional protection is provided by the built-in circuit breaker. This powerboard also has telephone and data protection (for a network connection), satellite/cable TV video protection, and protection for your TV antenna.

• Separate Telephone/Data Line & TV Antenna/Cable TV Protection 
• 144,000A Surge Protection
• 2 USB Charging Sockets
• 2 Extra Wide Sockets

Power Filter:
Surge Protection: Metal Oxide Varistors
Supply Voltage: 250VAC
Current Rating: 10A max. 2500W
Protection Mode: A-N, N-E, E-A
Max Surge Current: 144,000A
Typical Capacitance: 400pF
Clamping Voltage (@50A): <775V
Energy Absorption: 4300 joules
Response Time: <2ns
Filtration: EMI/RFI

Telephone Line:
Filter Type: Gas Tube Arrestor
Surge Current: 1200A (1kV/µs)
Impulse Discharge Current: 10kA (8/20µs)
Capacitance: <5pF
Clamping Voltage: 600V
TV Surge Protection: Gas Tube Arrestor
DC Strike Voltage: 230V to max. 600V
Surge Current: 4500A
Energy Dissipation: 225 joules
Response Time: <10ns

1 x 1.8m TV Coax Plug to TV Coax Plug
1 x 1.8m RJ45 to RJ45
1 x 1.8m RJ12 to RJ12
1 x 1.8m F61 Plug to F61 Plug
2 x RJ45 to RJ12 reducers

Product Dimensions

Width 125mm
Length 360mm
Height 32mm
Power Leads

Input Type Mains AU/NZ 3 Pin
Input Connection Plug
Output Type Mains AU/NZ 3 Pin
Output Connection Socket
Output Quantity 10pc
Lead Length 1m
Retractable Lead
Power Connection Adaptors

Output Connection Socket
Input Type Mains AU/NZ 3 Pin
Input Connection Plug
Output Type Mains AU/NZ 3 Pin
Output Quantity 10pc
USB Charge Port 2pc
Surge Protection

Protection Device Metal Oxide Varistor
Maximum Surge Current 144000A
Clamp Voltage 775V
Energy Absorption 4300J
Response Time 2ns
Additional Surge Protection

Additional Surge Protection RJ12
Additonal Filter Type Metal Oxide Varistor
Surge Current 1200A
Imulse Discharge Current 10000A
Capacitance 5pF
Clamping Voltage 600V
Mains powered

Rated for AU Mains
Mains Max Current 10A
Max Input Power 2500W
Mains Item connection Mains AU/NZ 2 Pin (No Earth)
Mains lead included
Mains Lead Length 1m
Mains Voltage Range 230V-240V
Frequency 50Hz
USB Powered

Has USB power output?
USB Voltage Output Range 5V
USB Current Output 1A-2A
USB Connectivity

Supported USB Standards USB 2.0
Number of USB ports 2pc
Powerboard or Multi-adaptor

Type of adaptor Power Board
Number of Sockets 10pc
Global Switch
Individual Switches
Illuminated Switches
EMI Filter
RFI Filter
Warranty: 12 Months
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