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1.3 Ohm 1kW Dump Load Resistor 1.3 Ohm 1kW Dump Load Resistor RR3450 6.71

1.3 Ohm 1kW Dump Load Resistor

CAT.NO: RR3450

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Can be used with our MP-3726 or MP-3728 SunStar controllers and a wind turbine generator to provide a high quality diversion load controller for wind turbine generators. Perfect for use with our MG-4590 500W 24V wind turbine, as an upgrade to the supplied charge controller.

How to use MP-3726/MP-3728 as a diversion controller for wind turbines:
- Set up the SunStar as a diversion controller (follow SunStar user manual)
- Remove any existing charge controller/regulator
- Rectify the 3-phase AC output of the wind turbine to give a DC output (use 2x ZR-1324)
- Connect the rectified output to a suitable battery bank
- Connect the SunStar to the battery bank via the battery terminals
- Connect the dump load to the PV/load terminals of the SunStar

A 24V 500W wind turbine (such as MG-4590) would require the 45A SunStar (MP-3726), and one RR-3450 dump load resistor.

Formula to calculate suitable dump load resistance:
> Resistance = (charge voltage x charge voltage) / Power

Packaged Volume 1.8L
Packaged Weight 1.172kg
Packaged Length 25cm
Packaged Width 9cm
Packaged Height 8cm
Warranty: 3 Months