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1:10 Scale Electric RC Brushless Touring Car 1:10 Scale Electric RC Brushless Touring Car GT3674 200.00

1:10 Scale Electric RC Brushless Touring Car

CAT.NO: GT3674

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Why a brushless motor? Unlike a brushed motor, brushless motors have no carbon brushes contacting the armature of the motor. This means there's less drag in the moving parts. It also means there's less friction surfaces to wear out and needing to be replaced, less electrical noise and no sparking. These advantages are all very nice, but for RC cars, the real benefits are:

• Much higher motor speed. The maximum speed of a brushed motor is restricted.
• Easier to cool as there are no electromagnets on the stator
• More efficient, so your battery pack lasts longer

For those who like to stay on the tarmac, this is the ideal introduction to RC cars.

• Length: 360mm
• Wheelbase: 260mm
• Track: 200mm
• Gear ratio: 6.25:1
• Ground clearance: 4.5mm
• Motor: Brushless RC540
• Battery: 7.2V, 2000mAh
• Recommended for ages 12+

Packaged Volume 36.3L
Packaged Weight 3.3kg
Packaged Length 60.5cm
Packaged Width 30cm
Packaged Height 20cm
Warranty: 12 Months