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N287 TIM-209-(1 or 3) Red Laser Module how to connect power

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Author Topic
Jasper Jones

1 Post
Posted 26/10/2010

I have the above module the "Specitication Form" gives the size dimmensions and amount of power but not where to connect the power.



73 Posts
Posted 29/10/2010

based on the laser pens i've seen the chassis would be the positive terminal with the spring going to the negative battery terminal.

Oh, and for anyone else who reads this the product code ST3115

Jaycar Dunedin

40 Posts
Posted 31/10/2010

Hi Jasper

Do you refer to the red laser module with catalogue number ST3115? If so the negative goes to the spring while the positive connection is the brass heatsink.

These modules are similar to those found in laser pointers which typically use button cell batteries. In such an instance the cells are placed into the pointer such that the "button" is facing towards the spring. The button is the negative terminal while the casing is the positive.

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