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Tools, Components & Cable > Active Components > Integrated Circuits > Microcontrollers
CAT. NO. ZZ8753
  RRP $7.95
ATmega8 AVR 8 Bit RISC Microcontroller

ATmega8 AVR 8 Bit RISC Microcontroller

Atmel's AVR microcontrollers utilise their famous RISC core operating at market leading speeds to make some of the best microcontroller products available. Designed with an architecture engineered for working with compiled C language programs, there is no longer a need for assembly language or a need for inefficient and unwieldy BASIC, so you can develop your project quicker without having to learn a new language.

ZZ-8753 ATmega8-16PI 28 Pin PDIP, 8kb flash, 16MHz
ZZ-8770 ATmega128-16AI 40Pin TQFP, 128k x 8 flash, 16MHz
ZZ-8772 ATmega162-16PI 40Pin PDIP, 16k flash, 2 x UART, 16MHz

  1+ $7.95
  10+ $6.95
  25+ $5.50
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